Sunday, 27 December 2015

The Visual Thinker

So I do feel that being a visual thinker is a curse. Look at the state of my work space?

I confess that I am an endless collector, I gather things wherever I go, teeny treasures that spark ideas. They then are laid out in readiness, for that stolen moment when I am not working on orders, to be made into something lovely.

But I never actually get time to finish anything.

So as a kind of confession/New Year resolution, my promise to myself is to finish things. I will push new ideas to completion and I will organise my thoughts by organising my workspace.

This isn't even my jewellery bench, it is an extension I built because my workbench was overflowing with pre-christmas making.

So, I am back making after a wee break, I am stealing some moments before teaching re-commences next week and I am going to make some of these idea happen.


  1. Great post!! Very informative!! Might I ask where you found that jewelry pieces mold?? I would LOVE to make those shaped pieces, but can't find that mold!
    Love your blog!!