Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 12 #100happydays

So, as the school summer holidays have now officially started, my time is not my own, I have 2 full time 'helpers'. I'm only able to make for short bursts here and there, but hope to try keep up with my 'making for fun' 100 Days of Happiness project. I keep reminding myself of the wise words from the lady who inspired me to do this. She told me to make space and time in every day to focus on being creative and push beyond my comfort zone. 
So, today I made this. 

Each circle had to be drilled then pierced out using a very fine saw blade, before being filed and sanded until it was smooth. The top picture is a tiny 5 year old hand, so the scale is misleading.

It's a ring that was inspired by the bracelet I made the other day, both have been floating around in my head for ages.

The process of making these by hand is so time consuming it feels indulgent, but it made me happy to spend time giving solid form to an idea I usually wouldnt have time to pursue.

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