Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Textile responses

This week I've been exploring different constructed textile processes to capture texture. Weave is so time consuming but there's something nice about the pace, it's quiet and calming.

I particularly enjoy working in neutral yarns to focus entirely on texture. But knit and crochet are processes I always come back to simply because of the freedom and potential they offer.

I usually work with around 5 knitting needles at once, leaving stitches hanging on double ended needles, the way you do when creating cables. In this way I can create wonky rows and clusters of stitch by knitting back and forth mid-row.
The loops are made by using very large needles in and amongst smaller ones.

I get my favourite yarns from a lovely lady who runs Habu Textiles. She is based in New York and Kyoto and visits the UK occasionally for things like the Knitting and Stitching Show. I stock up on carefully selected unusual fibres like 'fique', from the pineapple family, kibiso silk and paper moire. 

They are so beautifully packaged it's almost a shame to use them, so I only use small strands to capture the effect I want. 


  1. I love these pieces, weaving is something I have been having a go at lately, it is time consuming but so beautiful, having to dedicate the time to it which becomes part of a mediative time for me. Happy new year Julia, .h

  2. This is an enlightening read for me. As a budding jeweler, these are literally, gold nuggets

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