Monday, 15 August 2016

Inspirational Cornwall

I recently spent a week soaking up inspiration in Cornwall. I have always loved collecting treasures from the beach, and this trip lead me to the discovery of the perfect beach, at Widemouth Bay on Cornwall's north coast.

My jewellery is influenced by the smooth surface and irregular shapes of pebbles, and I particularly love finding pebbles like these. The crisp white circle against dark grey holds a simple kind of beauty, with it's clean lines and simple form, it calls out to be held. So tactile and satisfying, I long to create this quality in my work. 

Such treasures, I could've filled my pockets, but instead I just photographed my favourites.

The unbroken rings are the ones that catch my attention the most, something about the symbolism of continuity, the clarity and placement on the pebble always draws me in. These rocks have been broken from an unknown surface, cracked, tumbled and eroded over time by the waves and emerge smooth, triumphant and beautifully formed.  

Widemouth Bay has it all; spectacular rock strata, rock pools, softly sloping sand and lovely warm pools when the tide recedes. It's perfect for surfing and has the loveliest little beach cafe, to watch the weather change.


  1. Beaches are so inspirational.Your photos are good, it is hard to catch that special light that makes it special.

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